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Hi, my name is Jessica May. Iā€™m a mom of 7 crazy kiddos, baker, blogger, and much more! I love Swimming in the river, hiking the Hill Country, paddling, tubing, surfing, flying, and spending time with my family at home or on the road. We live on a small farm in Boerne, Texas. We have lots of animals, and we love to garden. We are passionate about conservation and sustainable living and farming practices.

Cliff Jumping at Canyon Lake, Texas : Texas Hill Country Day Trip

Cliff Jumping at Canyon Lake, Texas : Texas Hill Country Day Trip

One thing I am really in love with is the abundance of clear cool water that the Texas Hill Country has to offer.  I'm always up to explore new and deep waters but some spots are so good that our family keeps going back over and over again.  Canyon Lake is one that keeps calling us back.  The landscape around the lake is pristine and represents the Texas Hill Country well with deep canyons and stunning peaks.  The water is clear and blue and many of the banks are lined with beautiful rock formations, some of the rock formations being very tall.  Tall rock formations in combination with deep blue water is a recipe for adventure and wild fun, right?  Well, that's what we think!

Comal Park is located on the South shore of Canyon Lake near Startzville. Comal Park has two boat ramps, 65 picnic sites, a large swim beach, children's playground, a restroom at the beach and two boatramps.

Canyon Lake in Texas offers a variety of recreational activities all around its shores.  It is less than an hours drive for us from Boerne and it is near to Austin and San Antonio.  Canyon Lake Dam was approved by Congress in the early 1950's to provide flood control and water conservation.  It is estimated to have saved millions of dollars in flood damage to thousands of acres downstream from the dam.  Canyon Lake is managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers and their website details all of the public parks available along the banks of Canyon Lake, it's history, available recreation activities at the lake, conservation efforts and more.  Check them out here for year-round and up to date information at the lake.

The construction of Canyon Dam on the edge of the Balcones Escarpment has been very effective in protecting the lower Guadalupe River Basin. One example of this came in August 1978. Within two days' time, 40 inches of rain fell on the upper Guadalupe River. The river flowed into the lake at 115,000 cubic feet per second causing the lake to rise 21.6 feet above the conservation pool level of 909.0 feet above mean sea level. It was estimated that 24 million dollars of downstream damage was averted due to the flood protection of Canyon Dam.

Out of the nine parks managed by the Corp of Engineers at Canyon Lake, we always seem to return to Comal Park.  The swimming holes are deep, the fish are abundant, the cliffs are tall and the water is cool.  Each park at Canyon Lake offers different individual amenities and Comal Park is a day use only park.  Other parks do offer overnight camping, RV hookups, water, and electricity.  At Comal Park, it is $5 to get in and you can stay until sunset or 8:30, whichever comes first.  They offer charcoal BBQ grills, a boat ramp, a sand beach for really small children, picnic tables and restrooms.

We usually head out to the lake after Saturday chores and errands, bring some hot dogs with us to grill and make an evening of it.  Sunset at the lake is beautiful and totally worth getting the kids to bed late for.  Our favorite things to do at the lake are cliff jumping, snorkeling and seeing fish, rock climbing, floating, and exploring.  It is easy to walk up to one of the stationary charcoal grills provided by the park, throw on some hot dogs, feed everyone and get back to the action.  We usually find ourselves having so much fun we stay until the park closes when the crowds have moved out and the water and the park is peaceful and calm.  There is so much to do that everyone ends up leaving tired and bedtime is no issue.

There are three parks around Canyon Lake that have official designated swim beaches.  Potters Creek Park has a beach for registered CAMPING guests only.  Comal and Canyon Parks have beaches for the general public.

There are plenty of recreational options to choose when visiting the lake.  If your looking to do more than swimming or camping there are several marinas and other businesses around the lake offering boat and jet ski rentals, paddle board rentals, fishing tours, overnight accommodations and even jetpack rentals!  Here are some options to look into if you're planning a trip to Canyon Lake...

Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce

Texas Parks and Wildlife

Army Corp of Engineers

Canyon Lake Marinas

Suntex Watersports

Canyon Lake Adventures

Overnight Accomodations

Canyon Lake and the Guadalupe River area host many types of activities and businesses just waiting to welcome you! This Water Recreation Capital of Texas is only 15 minutes from Interstate Highway 35 or from Highway 281, and these two highways are connected by FM 306. Once here, quaint, winding roads will draw you into the natural surroundings. River Road is a destination in itself. River Road runs along side the Guadalupe River between Canyon Lake and Gruene/New Braunfels, and is lined with beautiful Cypress trees, tubing and rafting outfitters, tent camping, cabins and cottages, and even luxurious, comfortable accommodations; something for everyone!

This lake offers adventures from it's shores that most lakes cannot.  Canyon Lake is a beautiful extension of the Guadalupe river that we call our home, the same waters run through it so it's no wonder we love it so much.  What's your favorite lake to visit and explore?

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