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Hi, my name is Jessica May. I’m a mom of 7 crazy kiddos, baker, blogger, and much more! I love Swimming in the river, hiking the Hill Country, paddling, tubing, surfing, flying, and spending time with my family at home or on the road. We live on a small farm in Boerne, Texas. We have lots of animals, and we love to garden. We are passionate about conservation and sustainable living and farming practices.

Organic Probiotics I Fermentation on the Homestead

Organic Probiotics I Fermentation on the Homestead

Sauerkraut is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get a full dose of pro-biotics into your daily diet.  Even if you have never fermented anything before and the idea scares you there is no reason you can't take 5 minutes to whip up a batch and leave it on your counter for a few days while it works it's magic.  That's the great thing about a basic ferment, you do nothing more that sprinkle salt, pour some water, pop on a lid and leave it out.  Fermentation is God's way of unlocking vital nutrients and minerals in food that are otherwise un-accessable.  There is so much craze these days about choosing the right pro-biotic; liquid, pill, refrigerated, mine is better than yours argument....but why is it that the Lord's original, basic and wholesome recipes are overlooked?  Do we assume he left something out that we must take in pill form? No! Just eat your fermented veggies and everything will be fine.  You can start here...

Traditional Sauerkraut

You will need:

A couple jars with lids

A small head of cabbage

A large bowl

Sea Salt


What to do:

  1. Remove outer layers of cabbage and set aside
  2. Cut remaining cabbage into small shreds
  3. Place shredded cabbage in bowl and pour 1/3 cup of water and 2 Tablespoons salt
  4. Using both hands thouroughly and roughly mix the cabbage & salt water mixture
  5. Leave the mixture on the counter 30 minutes to a couple hours to let it "sweat"
  6. When ready cram it tightly into a jar and fill with water
  7. I take some of the outer layers set aside in the beginning and use a large piece to jam the rest of it down in the jar, pushing out as many air bubbles from the jar as possible, holding it all in place and creating a 'cabbage top'
  8. Place the lid of the jar on it and set it in a corner of your kitchen out of direct sunlight for up to a week
  9. During that week, when you think of it, 'burp' your sauerkraut jar to release some pressure and notice over the days the amazing gift of fermentation.
  10. After a week on the counter it should be nice and bubbly and it's ready to go into the fridge

This basic fermentation recipe can work for just about anything (in the picture I used cucumbers, onion and dill, yum!) so be creative, don't expect the internet to tell you everything and make your grandmother proud




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