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Hi, my name is Jessica May. Iā€™m a mom of 7 crazy kiddos, baker, blogger, and much more! I love Swimming in the river, hiking the Hill Country, paddling, tubing, surfing, flying, and spending time with my family at home or on the road. We live on a small farm in Boerne, Texas. We have lots of animals, and we love to garden. We are passionate about conservation and sustainable living and farming practices.

Organic Bone Broth I Liquid Unicorn Tears

Organic Bone Broth I Liquid Unicorn Tears

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Real Bone Broth is like magical unicorn tears. Hard to source. The magical part of it though, is that it's so ridiculously easy to make. There is no reason not to.  Bone broth is a nutritional powerhouse; anti-inflammatory, gut healing, immune supporting, nutrient & mineral dense and full of collagen. The health benefit list is loooong on this one, so be a warrior for your own and your family's health and go read all about it. I do offer bone broth for trade and I have had A LOT of questions about it lately so I'll touch on the most important parts.

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Bone broth was just a way of life a century ago. When agriculture was it, that's just how you survived. Those ancestors, they were hardy, well built. It's worth asking, why? They lived off the land, knew where their food came from, made a majority of things themselves and wasted very little. It was a simpler time when being close to the Lord and being a good steward of his blessings was key. In our fast paced society, some very important blessings have gone missing from our family tables.  

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Personally, I would place bone broth at the top of the list. We will leave the fermented vegetables, whey protein and (gasp) gluten, for another time. Bone broth is a nutritional glue for our bodies. I truly believe the Lord created this powerful medicine for us to have and use to keep our bodies healthy and our immune systems working correctly. The good Lord does play a role in our overall health and how we feed and take care of our bodies. When there is an ailment or health issue in my household, my first question on the road to recovery is, 'How would the Lord have me take care of this?' Next is, 'What has he created naturally in nature to address this symptom?'  Some other things I like to keep in mind when choosing a treatment plan is, can we source this here? Herbs, supplements, oils, broths, tinctures, ect. If one of us or all of us is going to take something long term, I want to be sure I can provide this for my family even in the event of a disaster or shortage. It's all part of the journey to become self sustainable, using what the Lord has given us to be stewards of. The idea of relying on today's world for any one thing dissatisfies me.


Thanks to the slow food movement, bone broth is popping back up on shelves in grocery stores and specialty stores. While this is a step in the right direction, one has to be careful, even when the label says organic. Rarely will you find a true bone broth on grocery store shelves. The bones (for poultry) must be simmered for 48 hours in a large stock pot to get the maximum level of nutrients from the broth. This isn't a process to be rushed and the big companies don't take the time to do it right. It's also important to know what vegetable content is used in the broth prior to it being strained.


The final benefit of bone broth is when the bones have simmered that long, the remains are soft enough to use as dog treats. Literally, nothing wasted. I love it. Everything about it. The dogs love it too!

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