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Basic Sourdough Round I Recipe for Beginners and Minimalists

Basic Sourdough Round I Recipe for Beginners and Minimalists

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Sourdough can be one of the healthiest changes to a modern diet. Once you get into the pattern of making dough once a week, there is no going back. Sourdough bread tastes better, can help regulate blood sugar and deliveries the benefits of whole grains better than any other process.   Every baker needs a good basic sourdough round recipe.  This one is whole wheat, which I think is important and pretty foolproof as long as you have a healthy starter.   If you need a starter, you can pick one up in our homestead store. If your feeling crazy there are also some other essential recipes available there as well.

Whole Wheat Sourdough Round

What you will need:

Organic All Purpose Flour

Organic Whole Wheat Flour

Sea Salt


Sourdough Starter

Mixer Bowl

Bread Form or Cloth Lined Bowl

Baking Sheet

Parchment Paper

Bread lame or razor blade

Cooling Rack

In your mixer bowl add:

  1. 160 grams healthy active starter

  2. 620 grams water

  3. 600 grams Organic All Purpose flour

  4. 200 grams Organic Whole Wheat flour

  5. 16 grams of sea salt

Strenthening and Shaping

  1. You can either hand mix very well or use the dough hook on your mixer for about 5 minutes.

  2. Get it out of the bowl clean, using flour and a spoon for scraping if needed

  3. Plop it out on a well floured table.

  4. Fold and knead the dough for a minute with your hands using flour to avoid sticking, creating a loose ball

  5. Flour the entire thing again and cover with plastic wrap for an hour.

  6. After an hour, fold and knead again for a minute, giving strength to the dough, cover using plenty of flour, for another hour

  7. After another hour, repeat the folding and kneading again

  8. Prepare your shaping and proofing vessel by flouring it well: bread form (reccommended), or a muslin cloth lined bowl will work

  9. Divide the dough in half and place each half in a proofing vessel

  10. Leave for 2-3 hours to allow some time to proof

  11. Refrigerate, overnight

  12. When you have time the next day (anytime) preheat oven to 500 F

  13. Take dough out of fridge and gently release dough from form onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper

  14. Brush off any undesired flour on dough and allow to rest while your oven preheats

  15. When oven is ready score or cut the dough with your bread lame or razor blade, be creative

  16. Place in oven for 7 minutes at 500 F

  17. After 7 minutes reduce heat to 450 F and leave for 25 minutes

  18. After 25 minutes remove from oven and place on cooling rack

  19. Try to make it at least an hour before you cut into the loaf!




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Successful Sourdough Starter I Recipe for Beginners and Minimalists

Successful Sourdough Starter I Recipe for Beginners and Minimalists