Be Internet Awesome + Smart + Alert + Strong + Brave I Hill Country Homestead Texas

Be Internet Awesome + Smart + Alert + Strong + Brave I Hill Country Homestead Texas

This is a sponsored post and I was compensated by Google for Education, although all viewpoints and opinions are my own. I collaborated on this project as a part of Forward Influence Network.

We had a wonderful opportunity this week to pack everyone up and head to downtown San Antonio for Be Internet Awesome and Safer Internet Day hosted by none other than Google For Education!  It just so happens that my middle schooler had the day off of school so it was a whole family affair.  I’m glad he was able to be with us and experience this event geared around getting ‘Together for a Better Internet’, which is the campaign slogan.  We sat in on a panel of speakers from the National PTA, the Boy’s and Girls Club, Family Online Safety Institute, and David’s Legacy Foundation as they led a discussion about the importance of educating our children on how to navigate the web by being brave, strong, alert, smart, and awesome!

Do not give out any of your passwords to friends or anyone you meet   online  . Check with your parents first before downloading or installing any software on your computer. Ensure privacy settings on activated on all of social media websites you use. Always be kind of others   online  .

Once the panel discussion ended, guests were invited to experience the 5 Safer Internet Day simulated internet challenges through interactive activities and games.  The technology challenges were broken down into 5 categories:

Smart, Share with Care

Alert, Don’t fall for Fake

Strong, Secure Your Secrets

Kind, It’s Cool to Be Kind

Brave, When in Doubt, Talk it Out

It was fun and easy for all the ages of my children to spark interest in completing the online challenges. I loved watching my younger children watch the older children manipulate the password blocks, target practices and other fun challenges. My younger children watched and mimicked as the older children learned about digital citizenship. I am so thrilled to have this kind of awareness and education to train children for generations to come to navigate the internet by being brave enough to say something when there is a problem, showing strength in passwords, being alert for threats online, being smart when sharing data and information, and kind! No cyber bullying!

To bring the message home, Google for Education created an online experience for family’s to use together. Interland is an online game designed for children to Be Internet Awesome and is an entire online world containing games, lessons, vocabulary and talking points. Interland is designed to help the child learn about online safety, online citizenship and to inspire the whole family to get involved. Another great free at home resource is the Family Link App which helps the family to set digital ground rules together and to guide everyone as they learn, play and explore online.


The conversations we have been  able to have as a family because of these educational tools have been candid and important. The resources created by Google for Education prompt the child to think about their actions ahead of time, be aware of warning signs and take steps to protect themselves. Safer Internet Day raised our family awareness on the issue and provided the children the information and tools they need to Be Internet Awesome. Interland and Family Link are being used and enjoyed by the children and I am thankful for these resources to use at the house to drive home the message and come together for a better internet, everyday.

Never post or trade personal pictures. Never reveal personal information, such as address, phone number, or school name or location. Use only a screen name and don't share passwords (other than with parents). Never agree to get together in person with anyone met   online   without parent approval and/or supervision.
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